A Child of the Promise

This is the story of an ordinary man’s life turned into an extraordinary journey; revealing beyond the shadow of a doubt that while man may make plans, it is God who directs his path. In experiencing the limits of success and personal ambition he has discovered the incredible promise that is available to everyone.

In this book Sabelo shares how he has learned to capture the heart of God; to open his heart to intimate communication with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and how to live confidently in the knowledge that he is “A Child of the Promise”.

This book is not an autobiography. Rather it is the story of God’s unmerited favor upon his life; it tells of a God who chose this unlikely young boy at the age 10 and gave him a vision and then, without ever leaving him nor forsaking him, prepared him for a journey he never could have imagined; gave him responsibilities and wisdom far beyond his natural capability and entrusted him with a message for a purpose that is only now coming to fruition.

This book is about his relationship with his heavenly Father, who remains faithful even when he was not; whose love for him, as is evident in scripture, surpasses all understanding.

It is a story of the purpose that God has for his life, not because he is perfect, but because God is. It is a story of thanksgiving because, in Him, we are Children of the Promise.