Mpumalanga, Our Beautiful Province

This is a picture coffee table book with quotations opposite each page of breathtakingly beautiful photographs of landmark sites and scenes from Mpumalanga Province. It is bound in hardcover with a detachable sleeve.

“ This pictorial journey through South Africa’s scenic province of Mpumalanga showcases the strong thread between humanity and nature.

From the birds flying majestically against the background of clouded skies to the fierce and confident pose of the leopard scanning the terrain to the bewildered squirrel staring into its world to the self –satisfied snake chewing on prey, the book displays the beauty of Mpumalanga in spectacular fashion. It contrasts the raw brown earth with the green leaves bejewelled with morning dew, the harsh mountain rock-face with a field of flowers in full bloom and the undulating hills with the open plains.


What shines through strongly in this book is life and the celebration thereof, as experienced through the gushing water forcing its way over a waterfall and the intensity of lions conferring in the plains.

Interspersed with inspirational verses from the Bible as well as the author’s own reflections on life, the book is a thoughtful appreciation of the beauty of Mpumalanga – Africa’s most under-celebrated treasure.

One of the most iconic natural features of Mpumalanga is God’s Window, that vantage point from where you can witness the splendor of the province. This book illustrates why Mpumalanga itself is God’s own window into the world.” Mondli Makhanya:  The then Editor-in Chief – Avusa Media.